interesting prospect

Yes, yes, I know I’m getting very lax at updating this thing. I used to try to do it every day, but these days that is proving difficult. I’m busier than I was; or, perhaps, lazier.

Anyway, after the party Saturday night I went home yesterday for Sunday lunch and Palin. Saturday night was great – jen and ash throw great parties, although I tended to ignore their so-called rules (for example, you couldn’t say ‘drink’). Mayer seemed thoroughly bemused by it all, although I think he had a good time.

However, I think my lightwriter needs replacing. It’s refusing to take charge. Mind you, it is about eight. Dad has suggested I look into getting a new model of VOCA, which is a very interesting idea. I’m considering opting for a minspeak system – not only do I hear it’s faster, but it would be interesting to learn what is essentially a new language. Any suggestions on this subject would .be greatly appreciated.

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