Its kind of strange really, how much two of my main interests seem to ‘match’. That is to say, they have roughly the same schemata.

My blogging about creationism has dropped off recently. While I’m still interested in it, its such a one-sided debate that there isn’t much I can say. I find it both amusing and frightening how one sided the debate is: evolutionists hold all the cards, their argument is by far the strongest, but certain religious people still want to argue that we didn’t evolve and were created by god 7000 years ago. They (quite irrationally) dismiss the mountain range of scientific evidence for biological evolution.

Something similar applies to inclusion. On the one hand, study after study shows that segregation is damaging, and inclusion must proceed. Admittedly, this is not as Himalayan as the evidence for evolution, but it is vast in comparison to the almost wholly circumstantial ‘evidence’ supporting segregation. Indeed it’s not evidence at all, but the gut reaction off overprotective parents. Here again is a one-sided argument. See

However, the main difference is that, while one can comfortably dismiss the creationists as nutters who pose no real threat, I for one cannot ignore those fools who think segregation is the way forward. It is too damaging to be ignored. This is why I attack CaMoron. He would rather see kids with sen back in special schools, and don’t fall for his bull about caring: if he actually cared, he would have read the data. He just cares about cutting taxes and getting votes rather than children’s welfare.

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