where no researcher has gone before

You guys will like this. well, it amuses me, anyway. Highly. I had a meeting with my supervisor/tutor yesterday: he seems very pleased with my progress, and yesterday I finally conceded film was a language, although unlike human language, which may have had a bearing on his mood. Anyway, we began discussing the location of my own cinephilia, and, since we were in Alan’s office, I asked him to call up the scene from first contact on youtube. Alan’s own masters was on Moby dick, so I thought he might like it. Well, we watched it, and then Alan said ‘why don’t you do part of your thesis on the cinephilia connected with star trek?’ after I had determined he wasn’t joking, I grew increasingly excited, and after the meeting headed straight for the library. Now, the question is, where to begin? I know where to begin – by rewatching the star trek films (only the films, mind – for my purposes the TV series are irrelevant). But where then? Which sweet should I eat first, now I’ve been gifted the sweet shop?

Woohoo. This is gonna rule!

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