normals indeed

I was thinking today about why I call myself a cripple while maintaining that I am just as normal as anyone, and came up with a theory which might resolve the contradiction. Historically, cripple was both a medical term and term of abuse. It denoted other-ness. But in using such words o refer to their selves, the connotations of otherness are removed from the word. It becomes just a word by which I describe myself, like ale-drinker, transvestite or trekkie. This makes being ‘a cripple’ as normal as being an ale-drinker – cp is just an attribute of myself, like brown hair. Inasmuch as if I have the correct equipment I can do anything I want, I am just the same as anyone. This is why I object so strongly to people calling non-disabled people ‘normals’; its as silly as people with red hair calling brown-haired people ‘normals’. Yes, we cripples sometimes have to club together to get stuff done, but I refuse to see myself as different to the rest of society. I am normal – ale-drinker, transvestite, cripple, and the rest.

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