I went to a beach volleyball slash barbeque today. Basically uni dumped a shitload of sand on the field and set up a net. It was good fun, and I decided to contribute a cat empire cd for the stereo, as it seemed appropriate. Well, its better than the gangster rap or chart shit they had playing.

It was pretty informal; just some hijinks in the middle of exam season. Interestingly, however, one team – the special Olympics – had a guy in a wheelchair. He’s a sports student, in a manual chair: one of those new lightweight things with thin wheels. This rendered him totally immobile on sand, however. They had to carry him, chair and all, on to and off of the sand pit, and during matches he just stayed still, looking like a lemon.

I really do whish people would think things through sometimes. A nice idea, but fundamentally uninclusive.

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