co-director? Moi?

Ricardio is crazy. It’s the only explanation.

I went to the pub last night with Ricardio and rich – possibly the only two people who have been here longer than I have. We always go on a Tuesday night to do the quiz and scoff cheese garlic bread. I’d already eaten, but I couldn’t refuse the garlic bread as it’s so good. Plus it was free – Ricardio bought me some as I’d only steal some of his anyway. True enough.

Anyway, we got to talking. We discussed what we did over summer, and so forth. It was then that Ricardio offered me the job as co-director of his next play. I was stunned and flattered. I’ve never done anything like co-directing, but Ricardio seems sure I’m the right man for the job. It would mean giving up two or three nights a week, reading some books etc, and to be honest I’m relishing the idea. I think I need something to do in the evenings other than going to the bar, and it’ll make a change from research.

Our first rehearsal is tomorrow at 6 in ps1. I just hope I don’t let Ricardio down.

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