shame to loose a good coat

Shortly after posting this morning’s entry, the lady came to give me breakfast. When the time came to put my coat on to go to the wes, we realised it wasn’t there. Nor, it turned out later, did rob have it. I must have left it in the pub.

I decided to go myself. Rob offered to drive me there and back, which would have been quicker, but I wanted the challenge myself. So I caught the 20, this time the other way, to stoke.

Despite being only about a hundred metres away from the bus station, I got lost finding the pub, and had to ask a bobbie outside the potteries shopping centre for directions. When I found the pub, there was a nasty little step which I didn’t notice last night, but which defiant couldn’t get up, so I knocked. The barman came; he recognised me, and I asked for my coat back. Luckily it was still there, as were a few bits of paper my friends had forgotten. He helped me on with it, and I set off home…but not before a spot of window shopping,

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