please say I was never that young and aimless

Perhaps yesterday was not the best of ideas. I know my parents would certainly say it wasn’t, but it was certainly worth it.

On Wednesday I went to see a show called ”That’ll be the day” with Esther and her family. It’s quite a cool little show – sort of a compilation of tributes to singers from the fifties, sixties and seventies mixed with sketches and bawdy jokes. Utterly proletarian; very cool. Esther invited me to go to see it, and, on many levels I’m glad she did. Esther is one of my best friends, but I do feel I kind of neglect her!

After the show, I stayed the night at her place – I’m now quite adept at the art of sleeping on sofas, even short ones. The next day, though, Esther had to work at south Cheshire collage, and, as I suspected that organising a lift home would be logistically impossible, I stayed the day at the college before Esther took me home just before teatime. I had bought a book to read – mulvey’s ”Fettishism and curiosity” [pause while my brothers snikker] – but the college proved to noisy to read. In the end, I spent the day trying to find people I knew, and watching the students (please say I was never that young and aimless). In all, I guess it was a good day; I just didn’t get much work done.

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