a double caricature?

I must admit to feeling a little sorry for Stephen Hawking. Not because he’s a cripple, or anything like that, but because he’s not one but two figureheads. He’s like a double caricature; the personification of two communities. Think cripple and most people think of hawking; think scientist and most people again think of hawking.

Many VOCA users, myself included, kind of idolise him; for the general public he’s the archetype of a physicist. Its almost as if the poor man can’t just be himself. I’m glad he’s there though, standing up for us voca users.

My brother Luke sent me this article by Hawking today. It’s about his relationship with ALS – quite illuminating really. It seems to have fallen to him, or perhaps he has taken it upon himself, to become the spokesman for disabled people. he seems to explain everything concerning his disability as if to a child. As far as spokespeople for the disabled community go, I can think of far worse, but in a way I still kind of pity the guy. After all he didn’t ask for that position.

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