I was very interested to find out, over dinner last night, that Ricardio is now learning makaton. He apparently has to learn it for his job, teaching at a college in stoke.

I last encountered makaton back at school; it’s a writing and signing system for people with learning difficulties. I must admit that, back then, arrogant little child that I was, I didn’t see much of a point. Why not just teach people how to read normally, I reasoned. At the same time, I was sort of fascinated by it, from a linguistic perspective. I wonder, for example, if you can use Makaton to write any sort of complex narrative.

Even so, there’s something very amusing about Ricardio using makaton. I know it’s a very good thing, and I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s like a professor of chemistry using one of those kids chemistry sets. Also, once again I find that my old world bursts into my new one.

At least it’s a sign that the world is becoming more inclusive. Perhaps one day they’ll start using it around uni.

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