I got lost today. Totally, utterly, and completely lost. Well, that is a slight exaggeration – I knew I was near Crewe, but I was lost. I went looking for Lee’s house – I knew roughly where that was, so I kept going in the right general direction. However, I was almost at Leighton hospital, with defiant’s power gauge just showing one amber light left, when I decided I had taken a wrong turn. With the gauge flashing danger warnings, I caught the bus back to Crewe, then the 20 to alsager.

Today started well enough. after morning, I settled down to write, then found I needed more evidence to back up my ideas. First I went to the library, which wasn’t much use, then over to consult Alan in Crewe. I had a short, but very encouraging meeting with him – he seems to like my current line of enquiry, concerning the politicisation of film in the French new wave, very much – then I decided to do some more Christmas shopping in Crewe. Bought one present. Then decided to go find lee.

You know, I never did found his house.

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