use of blogs

We all know that the blogger has more and more political clout these days; there’s quite a convincing argument to suggest that blogs helped sway the American election. More of what we know comes from so-called citizen-reporters. Blogs were apparently a valuable tool in aiding our understanding of events like the tsunami and the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. However, it occurs to me that blogs can be very useful for people with communication disabilities, like myself.

Take the entry I made earlier. Ordinarily such a blog entry, unless it was on some girls livejournal, wouldn’t have appeared – how is my return to campus blogworthy? Blogs, as I say, are for political and social commentary; they shouldn’t be a narration of one’s life or one’s internal monologue. Unless, I’d maintain, you’re like me.

Often – I cannot speak for everyone here – people with communication disabilities find it hard to explain stuff at length. Plus, when you’re trying to tell a lot of people something at once, and you’re not sure how to word it in an email, it’s often prudent just to allude to it in a blog entry. Earlier, I needed to tell both Ricardio and jo I’d tried to turn up to rehearsal; my parents what had happened; it also told Ricardio that I will need him at tea time. It told Lyn and everyone else I was back on campus. Bada bing bada boom.

Talking of such problems, I neglected to ask my parents if Lyn could come stay over Christmas. I know its not as simple as Luke having yan come to stay or mark and Kat coming up from Paris. First she has wheels. Second Katrina would have to come too. Third how would grandma and yaiya react? Grandma especially. Then I don’t want mum to think she has more work to do. Plus what about timings? And then and then and then. But at least, by raising the subject, I have increased the possibility. By telling people without telling them, it gives them room for manoeuvre.

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