progress report

Not that I want to jinx myself, but my thesis seems to be taking shape at long last. It has 5 sections:

1.An introduction and historical perspective of cinephilia – currently about 7000 words outline of fandom – 5000 words

3.a comparison of cinephilia and fandom – 5000 words

4.the application of the above principles to my own engagement with the star trek films – 7000 words 5.conclusion – 3000 words

parts one two and four are drafted – I just finished part two. Part one and four are almost finished. This leaves part three, which I’ll start quite soon, and my conclusion. I have allowed myself about 4000 words wiggle room, but that can easily be filled.

I used to think 30000 words was a lot, but it really isn’t. all the same, I’m pleased with myself.

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