short circuit, again?

I was surfing the net yesterday with Esther looking for our favourite childhood films. I think we were both in a retrospective mood. We first looked up back to the future, and found this bit of silliness. I then remembered one of Luke’s favourites: short circuit. I googled it.

What I found was truly stupid. They’re re-making the damn thing. I wouldn’t mind a sequel at all – I’d love to see the return of Johnny five. But to remake it seems pointless. The producers claim it’s so they can update it with today’s technology. I assume that means that they will make a third version in twenty years, then a fourth in 2048, as technology progresses even further.

Why can’t Hollywood just leave things me? Why can’t they think of films as works of art, and not tools for making money. Why not re-paint the mona Lisa using photoshop, or re-write Shakespeare using modern language? Idiots!

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