going boldly where billions have gone before

So tomorrow is the big day. My awfully big adventure. Well, not-so-big depending on hoe you look at it. People take trains every day, after all, and to most people it’s just mundane. Yet, to me, I’m going into the unknown, exploring something new. I’ll be travelling alone, but Lyn and karolyna will meet me on the platform at Euston. I’ve told them what time I’m due, and I have K’s number. I must admit I’m still nervous, but I keep reminding myself it’s just a train, that I’m 26, that most of my friends have travelled solo extensively – for example, charlotte got herself to new Zealand, and Emma’s in china – and that I shouldn’t be such a wimp. Yet this doesn’t stop me from having butterflies in my stomach. Of course, if I don’t do this, I’d be letting myself down, as I hope to make many more such adventures if it’s successful. I want to go up to Edinburgh to see Steve and jenny later this summer, for example. I can’t chicken out at the first attempt. In short, it’s just one further step towards independence.

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