there and back again

I guess it’s fair to say that I’m pleased with myself for getting to London and back. I’m proud of what I’ve done, and I’m looking forward to doing similar things. I guess the best advice I can give is to organise everything in advance: personally, I thought it vital for someone to meet me at Euston on Friday, and I was extremely relieved to see Lyn’s P.A, Karolyna, waiting on the platform. It’s also important to know where to get help if needed. In terms of security, when waiting or a train, I park my chair with the back to the wall to avoid thieves. My bumbag and lightwriter were both securely attached to me at all times. In short, I guess you just need to keep your wits about you.

Anyway, it was quite a cool weekend. I drank way too much on both Friday and Saturday night, but I had a great time. Friday, we just went to Lyn’s local, then to another pub for dinner. In the first pub, this guy was being a bit of a dick towards K, and I got all manly and protective. Probably a mistake, as he could easily have knocked my block off, but I think he thought it funny. Got home drunk and soaked.

Saturday we went over to goldsmith’s to meet up with charlotte and Co. one problem with a couple like us is getting places together – you try fitting two electric wheelchairs in a black cab. I’m more ambulant than Lyn, so she went in her lecky and I borrowed her manual chair, which we folded during transport. As we were getting out of the taxi, we were met by Charlie, Jodie, Hugh and holly, who was jangling as usual. We went to a nearby caf, where Mrs j. and William were sat. we talked for a good hour or so about this and that, deciding to postpone the Amsterdam trip until October, catching up with news. Of course, I told them about my train trip as if I’d climbed Everest, and they were pleased – Mrs Jones seemed quite alarmed.

Then it was time to go. We took a bus to a shopping center, then went home. K cooked some spag bol, and fed us both. I feel rather guilty for making her P.A for both me and Lyn, but she seemed okay with it. Then it was time to get changed; I suppose it was best I only had a hat and shirt to put on (thereby becoming Indiana Jones) as Lyn had a dress and wig to change into, and anything more elaborate would have been unfair on k. mind you, we did have time: sadly, nobody showed up. We waited, and waited, and waited. It was, it seems, a non-starter. We just got drunk and crawled (literally) into bed. I still feel quite sad about it.

We both had huge hangovers yesterday. I felt tired all day. Karolyna escorted me back to Euston early to avoid traffic (where, randomly, we bumped into Charlie on her way home too). I asked K to phone rob to tell him I’d meet him on campus instead of at the station as previously arranged, just for the sake of simplicity, so when rob wasn’t at the station I assumed the message had got through. I got the bus home, but rob wasn’t here. I loaded up msn, and mum told me rob was still looking for me at the station, worried sick. Luckily, she phoned rob, and he came home. Rather than being pissed off, he seemed quite proud of me. Rob’s too good to me sometimes.

So, apart from that hiccup, which taught me not to change the plans, and the non-existent party, it was a great weekend. I really think it’s a milestone on the road towards independence.

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