i’m open to suggestions

It seems a lot is happening here at once. I’m in the process of finishing my thesis (if Alan wants footnotes, I’ll give him footnotes*); Lyn is trying to find us a home in Chester, although I’m not being very helpful with that; I’m trying to find out how long I can stay at uni etc. I’m in two minds about this – part of me wants to go home for a rest and to forget about my thesis, but I tend to get bored pretty quickly. What I’d prefer to do is finish my thesis and go stay with Lyn in London until chester is sorted. But that would cause all kinds of problems with packing, transport, getting all my kit down there, etc. I’m not sure what to do, or how to go about this sensibly. Plus, I have Onevoice sometime this summer. What a mess.

* 20 in the first seven pages.

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