thee rise of far-right stupidity

Our van has its MOT today, so dad dropped me off here at uni nice and early. It’s good, because it gives me a chance to jot a few things down before the day starts – I don’t like not having blogged, if that’s grammatically correct.

Now, something happened this weekend online which has been playing on my mind. A week or so ago, a guy from school by the name of Simon M* added me on facebook. This guy was two or three years above me, and I knew him mostly by reputation. At first, I thought it was cool; even though Simon and I had never got on at Hebden, a lot of time has passed since those days, and I assumed we would both have grown.

However, I soon noticed something was not right. On his page, this guy spoke of being proud of being British, and keeping the land ‘ours’ (whoever ‘we’ are supposed to be). On its own I could let that slip – perhaps he’s just patriotic. Yet yesterday I noticed this guy had signed up for being a fan of Adolf Hitler.

I sent him a message saying that I found that neither witty nor intelligent. I like jokes; my sense of humour can even be fairly dark at times. But I find nothing funny about the cold-blooded murder of six million innocent people. moreover, I find nothing worth glorifying about fascism. The way in which this guy then deleted me from his friend list would seem to imply that he didn’t just do it for laughs though: something tells me that Simon M actually believes this crap. Truth be told, from what I remember of him, I wouldn’t put it past him.

What gets to me is the sstupidity of it. A few days ago I saw a picture of a bunch of scallies giving the nazi salute. I truly doubt that these people have any idea of the true implications of their politics. They seem to have a few outdated ideas concerning masculinity and nationalism lodged in their peanut-brains, but seem unable to perceive the ramifications and contradictions inherent in them. They listen to people like Nick Griffin talk about protecting the rights of the British people over immigrants, but haven’t the intelligence to realise that what he says has no basis in reality. For example, I saw griffin on T.V a few weeks ago saying that, if every culture mixed they would all loose their distinctiveness. WRONG. Rather than all turning grey and muddy, they remain distinct but blend at the edges. Chicken tikka masala anyone?

Thus I am becoming very concerned about how many people – mostly uneducated white males with short hair – have latched on to these baseless ideas and refuse to listen to any opposing argument. To them, of course, we’re the wrong ones or the sell-outs or the traitors. We haven’t realised what they have. How do you talk sense into people who refuse to listen?

*A different person to anyone mentioned on here befdore.

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