L, C and E

It has been quite a cool week really. Over the last few days I have been able to see the three most amazing people in my life. On Sunday I saw Lyn, who is probably the most astounding person I’ve ever met. The truth is, Lyn inspires me: she grabs life, living it on her own terms. I think of her more and more these days – the way she looks at me with her deep wise eyes; the cute little noises she makes. I imagine myself catching whiffs of her smell every now and again. I feel very privaledged to have such a strong, unique, incredible person as my girlfriend.

I also feel privaledged to have Charlie as my best friend. It was great to catch up with her. Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of her job, and I got the distinct impression that teaching wasn’t for me. School life seems far too noisy and violent for my liking. Apparently the day before one kid had been hospitalised after a ‘pile-on’. Charlie seems ideally suited for it, on the other hand. In fact she says she loves it. At the mo she only teaches year seven students – who, frankly, seem crazy enough but she’ll soon be let loose on older kids. I whish her luck.

I saw Esther earlier today. I popped over to her house about lunch time. Although I don’t mention her much here, I am very fond of her and her family. I’ve known her the longest, and can confide in her. She’s a very quiet person, perhaps not as exhuberant as Charlie or Lyn, but in her own way she too amazes me.

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