we need equality, not order

Although it is fair to say that I have questioned the methods of those who fight for disability rights, I have rarely questioned the motives. It has always been quite clear to me that we, as a minority, are discriminated against, not explicitly, like black people once were, but implicitly. I see it all the time: steps up to shops, being made fun of by kids, being treated like a child by people in shops. While no more or no less evil, the form of discrimination we crips face is, in a way, much more incidious than the discrimination other people face in that it is harder to get rid of.

I say all this because I was talking the other night to a person who denied all this. to him, there is no point to DAN or the disability rights commission. We had equality, according to him. People who claim such things make me very angry: it seems to me that they live in some sort of fantasy land. The guy in question has been fed all kinds of Tory bullshit by his parents; he says he likes ‘order’, whatever the fuck that is. The guy has CP, yet has no idea of how hard disabled people had to fight for the rights he now enjoys, or of the need to continue fighting for true equality.

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