home again

I got a mixed reaction to my last entry: two of my disabled friends told me they thought it was a very good entry, while dad said he thought it too introspective and self-analytical. Sorry dad, but I like introspection, and think it important I keep trying to define my place in the world. I reckon it helps to let others know that we crips can be as self-consciously neurotic as anyone else.

Anyway, my week with Lyn went well. I could not bring my electric wheelchair this time, so we were limited in what we could get up to. Nevertheless, I saw a bit more of the capital, and had two or three truly great meals, including a Mexican. I borrowed Lyn’s manual chair while Lyn used her electric, and we had a great time doing what two lovers would generally do in central London: shopping, eating, kissing. Mind you, we had to take taxis everywhere rather than busses, which turned out to be considerably more expensive. All being well, I should be back at hers soon, just before we go to Amsterdam with charlotte; I can’t wait.

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