honoured to be involved with it.

Truth is, I can’t wait till Blackpool this weekend. while I love visiting Lyn, and I loved going to Amsterdam, Chester and London, my participation in 1voice makes me truly feel good about myself. I’d guess Lyn and Charlie get a similar feeling when they teach: the feeling one gets when helping someone. Onevoice is my opportunity to do just that: to give something back, which is why I am honoured to be involved with it.

To put it another way: I have had an awesome range of experiences, raging from, say, having dinner in paris with charlie, my uncle, aunt, brother and kat that night a year ago, to, say, partying with Lyn in a zentai suit; at Onevoice I look at the young people and get a buzz from wondering what the future holdss for them, and thinking that I might be helping them to achieve that future….only theirs probably won’t involve so many zentai suits

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