Home (film)

We just watched a film called Home on Youtube. I just picked it at random, pretty much, but it turned out to be an absolutely stunning videoessay on climate change and the impact of man on the planet. It is absolutely beautifully shot – I think it was entirely composed of aerial photography – yet, more than anything, it scares me witless. Particularly frightening is the rate at which we’re running out of drinking water.

Anyone with any intelligence can see that man is causing severe damage to the planet, and that we must act now. Part of that action is to acknowledge our responsibility, and to stop hiding behind statistics. It angers me that some people do not believe in climate change – to me such people must surely rank alongside creationists, and deserve only scorn and ridicule,. Unfortunately, such people happen to bee the ones best places to solve the problem, which probably means we’re all doomed.

Anyway, if you can, go look up Home on youtube movies. Link

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