revolting little man

What a surprise! The lady in charge of the national bullying hotline has, this afternoon, asked Max Clifford to represent her; she obviously thinks she is heading for stardom. She probably would be, if the allegations concerning Brown’s bullying were true. The thing is, they aren’t; nor are they even new. They stem from a book written about two years ago, and one which has been refuted by the persons it claims to quote.* The thing is, guess who told the media about this? who told the bbc the bullying hotline had been called by someone in the civil service. The Tories! Can you believe it. Then Dave CaMoron comes on the box and, in his most even, reasonable-sounding tone calls for an enquiry ‘just so the government can clear all this up’, even though he knows full well that such an inquiry is both totally unnecessary and would be suicide this close to the election. The insincerity of CaMoron – the way he makes lies and ploys sound reasonable – absolutely sicken me. *bbc interview with John Prescot yesterday

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