more ranting – but not about politics today

There are a couple of things I could write about today. I could write about the Tory party conference, and about how they’re still trying to pretend brown failed us in the recession; but I fear my political rants have grown somewhat ad Hominem of late, so I think I’ll give that subject a rest.

I’m actually more interested today in Disney’s decisions to send their new film Alice in Wonderland to DVD sooner than it ordinarily would. This lead many cinema chains to threaten to boycott it. The argument is if it spends less time in the cinema, there’s less chance of it being pirated. Ii must say, as a student of film, I have to raise an eyebrow: I love the cinema – they are special places. The film theatre, as Bazin wrote, has an aura to it; a kind of magic. You enter into it, the lights go out, and you’re swept away. It’s a kind of fettishistic act; something special. Okay, at home you can close the curtains and turn off the lights, but it simply isn’t the same. This is why I disapprove of Disney’s decision, which seems to have been made for economic rather than artistic reasons. I think the same could equally be said for socalled 3d films – never have I seen a more blatant money-grabbing con. Films are flat media! Oh don’t get me started.

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