back to school

I went back to school today after the Easter holiday. I spent most of the day there, uni still not having got back to me about my master’s. Preparation began in proper for Communication works, a conference-cum-exhibition held at school about AAC technology. I have been set the task of organising a class to do stuff like making sure everyone signs in and gets to the right place. Nobody seems to have told them that my organisation skills are practically non existent. Luckily, a few of the staff are helping too, so we should be okay.

I think the students I work with are getting used to me. The teachers are staring to let me speak to the whole class, telling them to ‘listen to what matt has to say’. I think they think I can be a useful role-model and tutor. For my part, I hope so. Mind you, I and the staff are going to have to be pretty firm if we’re going to pull this conference thing off, and my aim is to function as a firm but friendly influence.

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