already failed

If you think about it, from a certain perspective, CaMoron has already failed. I’ve always believed that he wanted to be the next Tony Blair. Look at his style, the way he presents himself: young, vivacious, energetic, forever claiming that his was the team with the new ideas and fresh impetus. It’s clear that he wants to emulate Blair, and do what Blair did to the Tories in 97. if you look at the polls, I think that it’s pretty clear that that’s not gonna happen. The 1997 pre-election polls show huge support for new labour; polls today still show us heading for a hung parliament.

This means that CaMoron has essentially failed in winning over our hearts and minds. The Tories have not convinced us that they are fit to govern by a long shot.

Look at the debate last night: when asked about Europe, CaMoron got his butt kicked. He was shown to be a euroskeptic with alliances to far right European parties. And when clegg pointed out to him that, despite his open-minded pretences, the parties he’s in bed with are homophobic anti-Semitic climate-change deniers, he evaded the issue completely. No wonder he hasn’t won over the electorate: we can all see he’s unfit to rule the country. CaMoron needs to be winning these debates – I thought he would be. But despite the idiotic claims of the Murdoch controlled media, he is being shown to be the hypocritical liar he is.

On a brighter note, I kind of want a hung parliament. I think a lib-lab coalition would be great. Brown saved us from recession, but he’s old; I’d like to see brown stay as PM, but with clegg’s dynamism as his second in command. That would be the fresh start we need without having to go back to the oppression of the Tories.

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