the NHS isn’t safe under the toories

I was just watching Brown speaking to the royal college of nurses, and I must admit I was very impressed. He paid tribute to the NHS. I agree with him that it truly is a great institution, and the best insurance system in the world. It is a system worth fighting for and protecting. But, the question is, how do we protect it against the recession?

We all know that, these days, the economy needs injecting with money to keep it afloat. As far as I can tell, this can be done in one of three ways: raise taxes, cut services, or both. The Tories want to stop the so-called job tax, and cut services instead. The planned rise in tax would the economy would inject 6 billion more quid, meaning services wouldn’t need to be cut so drastically. So, basically, the Tories intend to make us all suffer just so they can keep tax lower for the select few. This is why I do not believe the nhs is safe under CaMoron, as such cuts would inevitably effect it, despite his claims.

Sorry I keep going on about politics. This isn’t supposed to be a political blog. I’m just petrified that, on may the seventh, CaMoron will enter number ten, cut spending, and turn this recession into a depression.

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