Sorry, but…

I cannot help it. I know I said yesterday that I’d try to avoid writing about politics on my blog, but politics seems to be the subject most on my mind these days. I was listening to David Milliband’s speech to the labour party earlier, and I was impressed: under labour we all did very well. After 13 years, it’s natural that people wanted a change and thus bought the hollow promises of the Tories; yet people forgot, it seems, what a dire state we were in before 97, and just how better things got under new Labour: working parents tax credit; more civil liberties; more people going to university than ever before. Their ethos was communal, so things became fairer. People also forget that it’s only because of brown’s actions that this recession isn’t a depression. I’m now very concerned that, because of their individualist ethos, the Tories will now put this at risk. I know I can’t do too much – I believe in democracy after all – so the best I can do is to continue stating my opinion to whoever will listen, in the hope that public opinion will force an election sooner rather than later. I’m no revolutionary, but I firmly believe that the current government must go before it’s too late.

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