nobody trusts this government

George Osborne published his budget thing today. All the pundits are saying it’s the tip of the iceberg, and how there are more, deeper cuts to come. It really pisses me off how the Tories are, by cutting services, punishing us all for a problem caused by the financial sector making riskier investments, while, by doing away with the proposed tax, those investors get away Scot free. I also hate how they lie about the state of the economy they inherited: it wasn’t a mess; it was doing okay. The fact is, as I was discussing with one of Lyn’s friends the other day, most people felt that they could trust brown economically; you felt he knew what he was doing. You can’t say that of Osborne – I even have my doubts about whether he can count. Almost everyone I talk to holds a similar opinion: nobody trusts this government economically.

Anyway, the sun is shining. Time to go enjoy it with my fiance while it lasts.

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