night at the musicals

Today I have something much more cheerful to blog about than yesterday’s doom-laden budget. Last night I went to see my first school play in about fifteen years. The school I volunteer at put on a performance called a ‘night at the musicals’ – essentially a montage of excerpts from about four west-end shows. I had been involved in their creation in a minor capacity, so they invited me and Lyn to go and watch it.

Truth be told, I found it quite remarkable. Although all the performers were ambulant, most had fairly severe learning difficulties and/or autism. Yet it was a sustained hour-long performance full of dancing, merriment and some very good gags. There was even a Python reference. More importantly, though, the students were the major contributors to what went into the show.

After the show, I finally got to introduce the lady I work with at school – Kathryn – to Lyn. Mind you, I think they introduced their selves before I got to. I also introduced Lyn to matt p, a boy I work with at school and the only communication aid user there. Lyn got to show off her new Ipad, and everyone was very impressed with how she uses it as a VOCA. Matt seems prone to getting distracted easily, but I think the Ipad got his attention.

In all it really was a great evening. After the show we went down to the schools boarding unit; believe it or not, Lyn pointed out the very bedroom in which she had slept as a child, which struck me as both remarkable and rather cute. I think Lyn should come to school more often, as she has a lot she can teach both the students and staff.

We got home rather happy. I was very pleased with how last night went, and was still hummint the songs from the show when I woke up this morning.

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