spicy chicken and curried goat

I was just trying to think of words which adequately describe yesterday, but I think ‘fun’ best fits the bill. Our neighbours, Paula and Dan, were throwing a party for their youngest son’s second birthday, and we were invited, along with hundreds of other people. parties are very special events to my neighbours; in fact, the first sign that something big was afoot was a bouncy castle being inflated outside at about ten yesterday morning.

Knowing Paula and Dan, I could tell it was going to be big, so I rolled next door about half twelve. Lyn decided to come later. There I sort of hovered about, observing, talking. The kids were fascinated with my lightwriter, especially one boy who had autism. I got to meet Paula and Dan’s friends, who seem rather cool people.

The party lasted into the evening. What began as a kids party, with party games and jelly, morphed into an adult party about six. A barbeque was started, and I gorged myself on spicy chicken. However, I really wanted to try the curried goat, and Dan promised me some, but as soon as Paula cooked a batch people took it. I was there till about half ten, by which time I was quite merry, but I never did get any goat.

It was a really good party – certainly the longest I’ve been to. I really wanted to get Lyn on the bouncy castle, as apparently she has never been on one, but she didn’t seem very keen on the idea. I don’t think she knows what she’s missing. Anyway, I think today will be less exuberant – we both need to recover.

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