sixties exhibition

We just got back from the O2 arena. All this week there is a sixties exhibition there, and radio caroline is broadcasting from it. Lyn couldn’t resist going to see her favourite radio station in action.

It really was fascinating stuff; as well as caroline, the exhibition explores the music of the decade, which, as we all know, was rich and vibrant. It really got me thinking, and I decided that it was not about music but about history, politics and power. I realised that, while all art forms are powerful, music is perhaps especially so. In that decade, combined with drugs and the hippie movement, music became a force to be reckoned with; it taps directly into the soul.

I think today we need to revive that spirit. Forty years ago, people seemed more politicised, and the music reflects this. we seem these days to have lost something; perhaps it is still there but has been drowned out by mass produced pap. Either way, I think the time is come, with an unelected narrow-minded toff in number ten, to reignite the spirit of that era.

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