I think I am starting to get to know London quite well, and I’m starting to get used to it’s ways. At first, it was a strange, intimidating, laberynthine place; coming down here as a kid to visit my grandparents, I always felt a little scared. Yet now the fear has been replaced with fascination.

I felt pleased with myself this week: I mastered the docklands light railway! Lyn and I wanted to go to Greenwich market, but first I needed money. We worked out that the easiest way to achieve our goals was for me to go to Woolwich and then rendezvous with Lyn and godfrey in Greenwich. This meant me taking the DLR alone, which made me feel apprehensive. However, as it turned out, the DLR turned out easy to use – I just told the guard where I was going, and he arranged the ramps – and I even got there before Lyn!

I know it’s only getting on a train, but it made me feel proud of myself. It’s just another little step towards a complete mastery of my world, and away from the timid little boy I was ten years ago.

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