‘Fuck you and fuck your ramps’

It has been quite an awesome couple of days. Friday night saw my first proper night out in ages. I don’t think I’ll go into too much detail, save to say I’m really pleased with how things went and that it boosted my confidence about a thousand fold.

Yesterday, however, was a slightly more cultural day. Our Pas, andrezj and Natalia, are very keen on the arts, and a few weeks ago they suggested we go to a ballet sometime, Lyn and I agreed; I thought it would be a good experience. For all my fascination with tutus and leotards, I’d never seen a ballet before. So, yesterday, rather too early for my liking given my activities the night before, they came. We got up, had breakfast, and on our way.

Yesterday was also noteworthy for the fact I was in my manual wheelchair for the first time all year. This turned out to be a rather good thing. We were using the surface train, first to London bridge, and then to Wimbledon. We’d booked assistance, but when the train came, nobody arrived with the ramps. However, we decided to get on anyway – we might be waiting for ever. Lyn and I are only light. So, A and N quickly hoisted us on to the train, and with Andrejz exclaiming ‘fuck you and fuck your ramps’, we were soon on our way. Perhaps there is some way to go before we crips achieve true freedom and equality, but with the right PA, we can achieve anything.

We got to Wimbledon in plenty of time. We drank coffee outside a cafe, and then it was time for the theatre. Ballet, it occurs to me, is quite a strange art form: highly aesthetic, very beautiful, but with plots which are hard to discern. We were at a modern adaptation of swan lake, which is a tale of love, adultery and a prince with a thing for swans. To my uneducated eyes, it was all quite weird. On the other hand, I could see how cinematic grammar could owe something to the ballet: they have similar ways of showing things.

After the show, we ate at a very nice cocktail bar, then headed back to the station. I was exhausted. I’ve had quite a weekend so far, but I think today will be quieter,

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