ffree steven Neary

I realise I enjoy a staggering amount if freedom: I can go anywhere I please, eat and drink what I like, wear what I like. This is just as it should be: I have no less freedom than anyone else. But last night I was made aware of this. it’s about a twenty year old guy who has had his liberty stripped from him. He has perpetrated no crime save being himself. He has autism, and is said to have ‘challenging behaviour’; but his family want him to come home, and his behaviour is only challenging when he is placed in stressful situations which he does not understand. In other words, all this man has done is act in the only way he knows, for which he has lost his freedom. I find myself wondering what I’d do if placed in his position – it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The short-sightedness of the council horrifies me. I’m not sure exactly what a ‘deprivation of liberty’ order is, but the inhumanity it’s name implies is chilling.

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