I think I rather like football matches. Yesterday saw me attending my second ever live game: the local side, Charlton, against Dagenham and Redbridge. Andrzej suggested it might be interesting to go see a game, and, since the ground is only five minutes walk away, I thought it high time I go see Charlton play. Lyn, however, stayed at home – she had better things to do.

We had great fun. I felt very proletarian, sitting and listening to thee crowed. In fact I got carried away and began to gesticulate at the opposition when they equalised. There were some young men sitting behind us saying sum very vulgar things, but I suppose its all part of the fun. I think I needed to let my masculine side out for a bit.

It ended two all; to be honest I think Charlton were hard done by. Dagenham got a penalty late in the first half, making it one all, and scored in the dying moments of the unwarranted four minutes extra time in the second. I couldn’t feel disappointed for too long: I’d had a great time, and I definitely think I’ll go again.

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