an act of murder

Yesterday evening I made it ten. I was kind of frustrated about missing Generations on sunday thhat I decidsed to go buy a few of the star trek films on DVD. Last night I watched Generations, completing my set of viewings.

To be honest I needed something to take my mind off politics. Ysterday’s budget was a disaster, especially for my felloow disabled people. those on benefits, some of the most vulnerable people in society, will be squeezed the hardest. All ready on Ouch message boards people are already worrying about how they’re going to make ends meet. Mind you, Ouch will now probably be scrapped due to the cuts in the BBC (and if you need anyy more evidence that these cuts are motivated by dogma, look at that!)

The whole thing makes me feel physically sick. these cutts will kill. And, to cap it all, yesterday afteroon the fat cats in the financial sector were all jumping for joy while I was worrying about my benefits. Nothing could piss me off more. the selfishness and narrow-mindedness of the tories and their supporters in the city, who caused this crisis in the first place, appauls me. I know no words that express my contempt and hatred for their actions yesterday; it was no more or less than an act of murder.

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