the ones you don’t plan.

This is not the blog I was going to write. Today’s entry was supposed to be about anarchism, and how stupid/brilliant it was. I was going to write a description of our trip to the Whitechapel Anarchist bookfair, and my impressions of it. I was looking forward to writing a review of te people I met and the Ideas I encountered. However, it was not to turn out to be thee day I intended: when we got to the train station to go to whitechapel, we descovered that all servicces in that direction were not running. My curiosity about anarchism had to give way to circumstance.

Fortunately, we were at thee o2. Niether lyn nor I wanted to just turn tail and go home, so we decidedb to make a day of it. It’s funny how, when you’re with the person you love, even when things go awry nothing seems that bad – theere was plenty of fun yet to be had. Oddly, I noticed a disproportionate number of little girls in dissney princess outfits in there, no doubt due to the Disney On Ice show in the o2 arena, but according to Lyn, ‘I’m just jealous’. We spent rest of the day browsing the shops in there and walking along the river for a bit. It turned ourt, in the end, to be a great day: we had a superb dinner at a resteraunt, including cocktails, before heading home.

Sometimes the best days are the ones you dont plan.

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