the most discussing, shameful and bare-faced lie

I was going to stay off the subject of politics until the new year, but having just seen the details of CaMoron’s new years message, I now think new year’s eve is close enough. CaMoron is warning of a tough year ahead, but he maintains that the cuts he will impose are necessary to ‘get us out of the economic mess Labour left us’. This is bullshit, and really makes me angry. The last government did not leave us in a mess by any means: after 1997, they built a rigid, secure economy which was able to weather the worst world banking crisis since the thirties. It was only due to brown that we aren’t now in another depression. How this unelected Tory Prime Minister can come on TV and try to pin the hardships they will make on the previous government shows us all just how little honour the Tories have. The truth is they want to impose these cuts: for them, the economy was too big and taxes were too high. They want lower taxation so that wealth stays in the hands of the rich: they want a system where the rich stay rich and the poor…well, the poor are just poor because, in Tory philosophy, they are just lazy. Why should the rich pay part of their hard-earned cash to the tax man, so he can give it to such slackers? This is Tory philosophy, and this is the reason behind the cuts. They are motivated by greed and the desire to keep wealth in the hands of the wealthy, and they don’t give two hoots about those who rely on public services. Thus for CaMoron to go on television and claim he has no choice and the cuts are all the fault of the previous government is the most discussing, shameful and bare-faced lie ever uttered in British politics.

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