turning on the news with trepidation

We were just watching the news. Like most people, I suppose, I like to keep up to date with what is going on in the world. Yet increasingly these days I turn the bbc news channel on reluctantly. I cannot remember ever seeing two such big stories break at the same time: we are currently seeing a major world economy crippled by the most terrible natural disaster, and simultaneously allied forces are in action over Libya. I am worried about what horrifying images will appear on our screens next. I should say that, while I’m in two minds about the UNs involvement in Libya, I think, on the whole, going in was the right thing to do: gadaffi is a lunatic despot unafraid to kill his own people. we can see how fragile his grip on reality is from the speeches he makes. The UN needed to intervene,. At the same time, as I was saying to dad on Friday, since when was it our role to decide the course of history. Mind you, if we decided to keep out of this conflict, it might mean sitting idly by while Gadaffi’s thugs slaughter thousands, and I doubt any off us could stomach that.

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