the news

How the smeg am I going to even start explaining this one? I better start at the beginning. Yesterday morning I popped over to see chopper; I think we like each other, and I find him interesting on a number of levels. I often pop over to his place for a cup of coffee and a natter. At about half twelve or one, I decided to come home to see what Lyn was up to. Our PA, Adrian, opened the door.

”You’re gonna be on television” he said. I was dumbfounded. It turns out that my friend Becca, to whom I am now profoundly and forever indebted, had reposted the film Lyn made about the theft of her computer onto a site called Pistonheads, where it had been seen by someone who knew someone at Channel Four. They were interested in the story, and decided to come and investigate. Even when I write it that seems incredible, but that’s what happened. At about half five last night, after a flurry of emails on Lyn’s part and much worrying and squealing on mine, a camera man and a reporter came.

I think it went well. I had promised Becca I wouldn’t let them turn it into a cripsploitation story, and, although I cannot be sure, I don’t think it will be. The reporter, Carl Dennon, was obviously very used to disabled people; they included us in the choice of shots, which, as a film student, I loved. I suppose we can only be sure when we see it on channel four, tonight, between seven and eight.

I better go warn my parents.

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