clean glasses

I think I really must be getting old. I reckon it is a sure sign that you are getting older when become less tolerant of your glasses being dirty. I’ve been wearing specs since I was nine or so, and, growing up, I always had dirty glasses. Unless they were absolutely filthy, I didn’t seem to mind. My grandma always wanted to clean them, and, often without warning, used to rip them off my face and take them to the sink. Needless to say, this used to irritate the life out of me. Yet, these days, I’m the opposite: I can’t stand dirty glasses. The thing is, I can’t clean them myself, and whenever I try they always seem to end up dirtier than when I started, so I usually hand them to my PA to do. Ironically, though, this has become such a regular occurrence that I’m sure soon they’ll be the ones getting irritated. In fact, I think I might go ask for them to be cleaned right now.

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