the daily mail oversteps the line

It is starting to rain again. I just popped out for a short drive and I could feel it in the air. While I was at the local branch of Co-Op, though, I noticed the front page of the Daily Mail. I often scan the headlines while I’m there, and the Mail’s headline usually annoys me, but it’s front page today takes the biscuit. It reads: ”Defy the Strike Bullies”. When I first saw it I was astonished.. I had always thought the newspapers were supposed to report the news; the angle at which they approached stories could vary, obviously, but on the whole they are supposed to report the facts. The daily Mail has gone far beyond reporting today – it seems to be giving orders to it’s readers, and by branding the strikers bullies, it looses the last semblance of impartiality and is printing mere opinion. This is not what the press is for, and to me this is a clear breach of ethics. Never have I seen a more biased headline – even Fox news, which is about as fair and balanced as Mein Kampf, draws the line at telling its viewers what to do in such blatant, one-sided terms. This headline disgusts me, the Daily Mail disgusts me, and I now question its right to print. Freedom of the press is one thing, but this isn’t journalism, it’s using a paper to tell people what to think and how to act, and it has no place in any democracy.

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