adress to a rightist

[I just wrote this for one of my online right-wing correspondants. I got carried awayy, but I think it would be kinda wasteful of me not to reprint it here. I hope she doesn’t mind]

There is nothing rational in the type of rancid politics you promote. If you were a rationalist as you claim to be, you would have realised that there is no ‘normal’ state for man, no fixed set of values and behaviours everyone must adhere to. You would also have realised that there is nothing tangible fixing a specific people to a specific place, and that the free-flow of people helps spread the exchanging and generation of ideas. You would have realised that it is liberalism, the ideology of acceptance and tolerance, which is the only truly rational ideology given that there is no normal state for humanity. Things like morality, ethnicity, gender and even intelligence are subjective values – there are no absolutes. The only ideology liberalism cannot tolerate is intolerance; this is it’s central paradox, but part of tolerance is the constant questioning of one’s own ideas and beliefs. Thus liberals accept there can be no objective truth, and reality is itself is contradictory. That is why the notion of ‘liberal fascism’ is so laughable. Right-wing ideologies lack this dynamic function, choosing only to believe in absolutes – good and bad, black and white and cannot therefore be said to be truly rational. I realise that this can make some uncomfortable, because it states that nothing is fixed, but when you try to be as objective as one can be, this is the only conclusion one can come to. Even the notion of rationality is a subjective concept, so you may be right after all, but to accept such a notion as the subjectivity of rationality is in itself liberal.

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