Mark and Kat’s wedding

Rather appropriately for my two thousandth entry, It gives me very great pleasure indeed to be able to record that the wedding of my brother Mark to Kat. The ceremony was in Loughborough on Saturday, and was followed by a reception at the magnificent Stanford Hall. I went with Lyn, and we had a great time. Once again, I find myself having too much to write on here, and not knowing what to put in or leave out.

This weekend was the first time I had seen mark or Kat in over a year and a half, so just seeing them was a joy in itself. It was also the first time they had met Lyn, so, in a way, the family felt complete for the first time: at the reception on Saturday afternoon, a great feeling of happiness came over me – I know it was Mark and Kat’s day, but this weekend was very special for me. I suppose I love my family, and I’m enormously proud of them, and to see it united for the first time brought me great joy.

This weekend, I also met Luke, Mum’s cousin, for the first time. Although I’d heard a great deal about him he lives mostly in LA so it was the first time we’d met since I was a baby. He works in film, so almost as soon as we got talking, I knew where I’d got my passion for the arts from. It was an incredible moment: finally, someone in the family who knew about Lacan, Bazin and so on. Indeed, I became rather jealous when he told me he had been taught by a guy who had studied under Barthes himself. I’m now looking forward to emailing him my thesis, to see what he thinks of my work.

In all, then, it was a wonderful weekend, and it went too fast. The best thing, I think, was seeing mark and Kat so happy. Another highlight, it has to be recorded, was Luke’s awesome best man speech. It’s my cousin Christina’s wedding to Tom this coming Saturday, so it won’t be too long till I see my family again. I can’t wait!

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