Should the disabled community boycot the paralympics?

At about midday today I switched the news on, and saw coverage of the Paralympics event up in Trafalgar Square. CaMoron was there playing tennis with bores Johnson, and seeing that gave me an idea: what if I could repeat what I did in crewe and somehow get to talk to CaMoron? Now he’s prime minister, getting his ear would be an opportunity not to turn down. So with that I set off up into central London.

Of course, by the time I got there, CaMoron was long gone, but I felt I needed to look around anyway. There was a lot of cool stuff there including a Mountain Trike a new type of wheelchair designed to enable cripples to do a form of parcour. At one point, however, I was struck by sobering thought: in this country, people with disabilities are being hit y cuts to the benefits system, as well as cuts to the services we need to survive. Why should we perform like trained monkeys in the Paralympics next year for a country whose government threatens our very wellbeing? CaMoron and Boris will get praised for hosting the Paralympics, but many in the disabled community, to which most if not all paralypiads belong, might well starve due to their policies. That is surely not right? Why should we perform for such a government? I’m sure I’m not the first to propose such a thing, but wouldn’t a boycott of the Paralympics by both disabled athletes and specators be the clearest way for the community of disabled people to say no to the cuts the government is imposing upon us? Don’t get me wrong: Lyn will be one of those performing next year, and I’m incredibly proud of her for that, but I simply cannot silence these questions in my mind.

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