A retraction and a rant

I hate having to write retractions and corrections, although I suppose in the grand scheme of things, this one is only minor. It has been a busy day: my friend Chopper and I have been all over the place, mostly getting stuff for the conservatory roof. On our travels, we bumped into Alex – it turns out he didn’t film that woman after all. He only posted it to his Facebook page; Chopper was misinformed by his sons. Needless to say, I am rather disappointed.

All this running about south-east London mean I couldn’t go up to see any of the protests. I’ve seen evidence of them: there have been more kids about than usual because the schools are closed, but the busses are running and things are quiet. Ii am disappointed about this too: if we are to get the government to listen, the entire capital must come to a halt*. I only just got in so I haven’t seen any of the up-to-date reports, but I bet you any money this already-failed government is continuing with it’ cuts, despite the fact that half the country is on strike, and the fact that the economic data shows that their cuts are not working. They were shown yesterday, beyond doubt, to be cutting too far and too fast; but instead of doing the sensible thing and easing the cuts, Osbourne decides to cut even harder. No wonder the country wants these idiots out of power.

*mind you, it struck me as a relief this morning that the direct payment system is in place. That is to say, we employ personal assistants directly; they are not public sector workers, so they are not on strike. Another advantage of DP, I suppose, although I dread to think what might happen if – or should that be when – the Tories cut that.

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