A cinephiliac evening

Last night was really rather cool, as I got to indulge in a bit of real cinephilia. Dom had brought small projector with him, so we drape an old window blind over our

TV, dimmed the lights and set up a small cinema. The great Andre Bazin would have been proud, especially as the first film we saw was ‘The Man with A Movie Camera’.

I was initially ere excited about it – the film is a classic of early pioneering cinema. I remember watching it at university, so I relished the chance to watch it again. The thing was, I quickly realised that it wasn’t the original version: someone had re-cut Vertov’s 1929 original and set it to a modern score. At first I was totally appalled by this act of sacrilege – part of me still is. I usually have nothing against modern adaptations of originals, or postmodern fusions of old and new, but the original score for this film was beautiful, and the new one hey had replaced it with seemed out of place. I quickly got into the type of huff I revel in getting into when I see something I take umbrage with, and began to thin of ways I could express my opinion on this piece of cinematic blasphemy. Yet Lyn and Dom, who are more into music than film, were obviously quite enjoying it, so I told myself to stop being a puritanical, pretentious nonce and chill out.

The second film we saw was called Another Earth, which I didn’t really have a problem with and therefore can’t write much about it. It was typical, modern Hollywood fare. All in all, then, last night was really cool. It was an evening I spent on the sofa, trying to remember the names of writers and theoreticians from cultural studies, immersed in an art form I love.

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