Rod liddle talks crap

The entry I posted yesterday took me ages to write, and I’m quite pleased with how it tuned out, but after I put al the links in and put it online, I found something else I need to draw your attention to. It seems the journalist Rod Liddle has been talking crap about disabled people in the Sun. according to him, it’s rather nice being a crip, as we get lots of cool stuff. It is becoming ‘increasingly fashionable’, as it brings government cash, you don’t need to work – and you can even get a car parking badge. He also seems to think that conditions like ME are somehow made up.What an asinine, half-witted comment: liddle obviously knows nothing abut what life is like for disabled people, nor anything of the discrimination we face. He’s obviously trying to curry favour with The Sun’s idiotic readership by picking on one of the current political scapegoats. Twat!

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